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Rent a house in Thailand and participate in The Elephant Round-up

The main symbol of Thailand is elephant. It is also the symbol of prosperity, wellbeing and power. In Thailand elephant is treated like a sacred animal. That’s why the Surin Elephant Round-up is one of the most important events in Thailand. Think of the place where you will rent a house in Thailand. To my mind it’s convenient to stay in Pattaya or Bangkok, so you could reach Surin by bus.

As I mentioned the festival is held at the Surin. This town is located on the northwest of Thailand. You could be interested, why exactly in Surin? Surin is “the capital of elephants”. Planning your holidays you can rent a house in Thailand’s interior like Surin or near the cost. It is totally up to you.

The event takes place on the third weekend of November. The meaning of the festival is to show respect to the elephants that have always helped Thai people. Elephants have always taken a significant role in the history of Thailand. They participated in military operations and were always reliable helpers for Thai people. The Elephant Round-up is really interesting event. So if you will be able to rent a house in Thailand in November, don’t forget to visit Surin.

The program of the festival is quite extensive. The main events in the elephant round-up are elephant feeding, theatrical performance and different kind of games and competitions. “The elephant breakfast” is the biggest elephant feeding event in the world. In the evening you can watch the war performance with the elephants paying the leading parts. You can watch and participate in different games like elephant football through the festival.

If you are still thinking whether to rent a house in Thailand or not, be sure that you will have great holidays even if you won’t visit Surin. But the period starting from November is the cool season and prices for apartments will be higher. So plan your vacation and rent a house in Thailand in advance!

1 Mar 2012

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